Author Topic: Is there such a thing as a Vanilla implementation?  (Read 2419 times)


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Is there such a thing as a Vanilla implementation?
« on: February 24, 2010, 08:25:57 pm »
Some companies fail to appreciate the nuances among the different markets/affiliates that would necessitate the need to customize portions of regional/global processes and tools used/implemented to support it.  Does proximity mean uniformity?  Often the tools and/or processes implemented at global headquarters are “force fitted” to the regional affiliates and justified as “this is the best practice” without realizing the fine distinctions between individual markets or local ways of collaboration with customers.

Where “successfully” put in place, the configuration of these global processes/tools often works counterproductively against local needs leading to either loss of credibility or an unbudgeted, potentially expensive “phase 2” to implement adjustments .

The same applies to processes and tools used across different divisions of the same company within the same market.  A lack of understanding of the true differences between the individual divisions in terms of their product, go to market approach, product life cycle, ability to collaborate internally and externally may cause issues that result in either loss of credibility or need to periodically “rework” the process/tools.

Vanilla implementations rarely work.  The key is to recognize the differences early in the process, search for creative solutions that would, hopefully, minimize customization but still satisfy local requirements.  This would be the more effective and potentially, less expensive approach.


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Re: Is there such a thing as a Vanilla implementation?
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Think Globally , Act locally...very true statement